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Pragmatic Solutions

DCI offers a variety of services under our consulting arm to assist with voter outreach and other campaign-related needs

States where Pragmatic Solutions is making an impact:

Phone and text Banking

Our Voter Outreach team will share your message with through intensive phone and text banking in coordination with your campaign. If you'd like us to begin phonebanking for your campaign, reach out to us here.

Rapid Response

We provide rapid-response research on the issues that matter most to your campaign. Our past work ranges from gun violence, to the history of socialism. View our past research here.

Donor Management

Past clients have utilized our analysts to optimize their donor call time by individually analyzing publicly available donor history. Additionally, Pragmatic Solutions has provided clients new connections to donor groups to increase their financial support.

The Numbers

Over 620,000 Calls Made

Helping to connect voters with your campaign.

9 Campaigns in 7 States

To help rebuild the center of the political spectrum across the country.

Even Larger Impact

With proven results with primary wins for our clients.

Voter Outreach Team

Pragmatic Solutions believes that one of the most important parts of any campaign is voter outreach and name recognition. We train our voter outreach team to quickly and efficiently persuade voters about the carefully selected candidates Pragmatic Solutions works with. We have experience working with softwares such as VoteBuilder, Impactive, and BlueVote.

The Pragmatic Solutions voter outreach team is always looking for impactful ways to connect with and persuade voters, so we are open to trying new strategies campaigns want to implement into the phone and text banking operation. As of now, we have found the most success persuading voters, increasing awareness about the candidate, recruiting volunteers, and alerting voters about events.

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