Current Special Research Projects

DCI's beginnings were all about research. Our first notable deep research topic dealt with taxing stock buybacks. The information DCI compiled led to the inclusion of taxing stock buybacks into President Biden's Build Back Better Plan and ultimately included in his Inflation Reduction Act.

Today, we are deep diving into the facts about Long COVID. Ask most medical people, can you test for Long COVID? The answer most often heard is that there is no test for Long COVID. Our founder is living proof that this is untrue. The Long COVID Summary below sheds new light on the testing and treatments for Long COVID.

Long COVID - Is Testable & Treatable

Signs & symptoms of long covid

     o    Common symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, various respiratory and heart symptoms, neurological             symptoms, digestive symptoms, and others.


     o    Blood work
           1.   LH Cytokine Panel: Abnormal levels may indicate current COVID-19infection, or acute infection in those            suffering from chronic COVID symptoms
           2.   COVID-19 S1 Protein Immune Subset Panel

treating long covid

     o    Mental health counseling and support to address mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression,            attention, and PTSD after the effects of COVID-19. 
     o    Endocrinological care to care for those who developed diabetes after COVID-19. 
     o    Medications for either psychiatric or other medical diagnoses resulting from COVID-19infection. 
     o    Physical therapy to address joint and muscle pain, as well as other mobility issues.
     o    Pulmonary rehabilitation where patients can strengthen their pulmonary muscles and address their            declining lung function. 

Rates and Impact of Long COVID

     o    1 in 13 Americans with a history of COVID-19 develop Long COVID symptoms lasting three or more months.
     o    79% of individuals with Long COVID report limitations in daily activities, with 27%experiencing significant            changes.
     o    The long-term effects and implications of Long COVID are still uncertain.

Disparities Among Various Groups

     o    Middle-aged adults are three times more likely to experience Long COVID than adults aged 80 and older.
     o    Women have a higher likelihood (9.4%) of experiencing Long COVID compared to men (5.5%).
     o    Hispanic adults have the highest likelihood (9%) of experiencing Long COVID symptoms, followed by
           non-Hispanic Whites (7.5%).
     o    Transgender adults have a higher prevalence (15%) of Long COVID symptoms compared to cis-gender            counterparts (5-9%).
     o    Rural, conservative states like Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Dakota have higher rates of Long            COVID symptoms.
     o    Long COVID rates are higher among the unvaccinated, and vaccinated individuals that contracted COVID            more than once. 

Understanding the Impact through a Social Determinants of Health Lens

     o    Long COVID symptoms result in approximately one million Americans being unable to work, leading to            significant economic losses.
           1.   Total economic cost of Long COVID is estimated to be $3.7 trillion
     o    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has developed a comprehensive framework with            recommendations for various sectors.

Learn more about Long COVID treatments at COVID Long Haulers.